Discovery Interview

The starting point for other services. Includes in-depth, at-home interview to learn about relationship history and current vision for a romantic relationship. Follow-up phone call will review strategies and prospective dates from the database.


Introduction Includes:  Thumbnail Description of potential date, Calendar Input, Date Creation, Follow-up Phone Call, Date Feedback (if requested or applicable)


Identify any stumbling blocks in your way.  Practice date skills.  Set goals and achieve them!  Coaching is provided by a certified coach or licensed practitioner.  Available in ½ hour increments.


Have a professional go out with you and help you introduce yourself to attractive strangers.  Learn to be more comfortable in social settings.


Go out on a date with someone whose sole purpose it is to give you feedback on your dating skills and to help you practice new skills that may work better for you.

Relationship Ready Package

It doesn’t matter if you meet the man or woman of your dreams if you aren’t ready! This signature package provides weekly hour-long coaching to address anything getting in the way of finding true love. You’ll also have opportunities to hone your dating skills so you’ll be prepared when Mr. or Mrs. Right comes along.

Each month you will also receive at least two of the following services:

  1. Practice dates with people whose sole purpose is to give you feedback on your dating strengths and weaknesses

  2. Wing Person services to help you become more comfortable navigating social settings as a single

  3. In vivo flirting classes

  4. Makeover suggestions and referrals

  5. Introductions with Authentic Connections' Clients

Save Me Time Package

This package is for the busy professional who doesn’t have time to meet unsuitable matches.

We will:

  • develop your online profile in the first month.

  • manage your profile on two different sites (at least two hours per week).

  • send you a weekly list of potential matches we think would be great for you.

If you choose, we will run a background check and/or meet prospective dates in person.

Make Me Look Good Package

We will develop your online dating profile for two different sites. Service will include creating a profile that shows you in your best possible light utilizing photographs you provide. We can refer for makeovers and photographers as needed.

Keep Me Honest Package

A member of our date coaching staff will serve as an accountability partner to talk with you for a half hour every week to make sure you are taking the right steps toward a healthy relationship.


Ready to get started? Please feel free to contact us about our pricing. Let us help you choose the services that are the right fit for your lifestyle, expectations and budget.